Team B3's efforts to develop a new marketing strategy included the re-design of the Bamboosero website. Our approach was to drastically update the look/feel of the site, facilitate navigation, emphasize new messaging, and make the site a content rich environment to allow users to understand Bamboosero's unique offerings.


We created a mock-up of a potential design that would be able to meet these goals. Rather than concentrate on the intricacies of subjective design details, we used the site as an illustration of how a website's main purpose is to integrate marketing strategy, messaging, and goals. To further this objective, we designed an interactive site that allows for a viwer to not only view the elements, but for us to relay our approach of the design and elements to the viewer. To utilize simply "hover" or "mouseover" any of the underlined - astricked text. The site can be accessed HERE or by clicking the image to the right. To view the un-marked up non-interactive sample site instead, click HERE".